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farragut museum


The Farragut Museum is located inside Farragut Town Hall at 11408 Municipal Center Drive. Hours are 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information:

campbell station inn


The Town purchased the Campbell Station Inn and the surrounding 2.26 acres in 2012 because of the site's rich history and prominent location. Phase 3 of the renovation of the property, the creation of Mayor Ralph McGill Plaza, was completed in late 2020. It is available for public rental.

The next phase of improvements will be deciding on a future use for the inn and restoring the interior to suit the new use. Feedback for the future use of the inn was solicited from the public via two open houses and social media in winter of 2019.


farragut memorial plaza


Dedicated in 2010, the Farragut Memorial Plaza features a life-plus sized bronze statue of Admiral David Farragut, Civil War era cannons on loan from the U.S. Naval Yard, and historical markers with information about Farragut's life. A Civil War Trails Historical Marker on the grounds of Farragut Town Hall commemorates the Battle of Campbell Station, which was fought on surrounding land on Nov. 16, 1863.

farragut history walk


Learn more about the Farragut’s unique history on a stroll through the heart of town! The Farragut History Walk includes four educational sites: the Heritage Trail with interpretive signage at Founders Park at Campbell Station, the Campbell Station Inn and Mayor Ralph McGill Plaza, the Farragut Museum/Admiral Farragut Plaza and Pleasant Forest Cemetery. (Keep in mind that the Farragut Museum is currently open 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Friday.)


Pick up a printed Farragut History Walk map from the brochure holder on the Heritage Trail sign located at the turnaround at Founders Park at Campbell Station or at the Farragut Community Center (239 Jamestowne Blvd.) or download a mobile-friendly PDF here.


Parking for the walk is available at Founders Park (405 N. Campbell Station Rd.), the community center or Farragut Town Hall (11408 Municipal Center Drive).

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