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In addition to the programs offered at the Farragut Community Center, the Town of Farragut provides recreational opportunities at our five parks.

The tennis/pickleball courts and basketball court at McFee Park can be reserved and are available for drop-in use if there are no reservations. To learn more about tennis/pickleball courts, click here. To learn more about the basketball court, click here.

Athletic fields and courts at Anchor, Mayor Bob Leonard and McFee parks are scheduled for club or league use in January (spring and summer use) and June (fall and winter use) for adult and youth club practices and games.

The synthetic turf rectangular fields at Mayor Bob Leonard Park are available year round. All natural turf fields close for winter maintenance November 1 - February 28.


Local non-profit groups also offer an outstanding selection of adult and youth athletic leagues. A link for more information is below.



2018-11-03 Bob Leonard Park KFC Tourn gr

Are you thinking of planning a tournament using the Town of Farragut’s park system? Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in booking your tournament. We can schedule fields as well as advise you on hotel stays and fun activities in the area. To learn more about Farragut amenities, go to or use the links belowContact us at 865-218-3376 to reserve fields. Groups can request the use of Town athletic fields for tournaments up to one year in advance.

spring/summer 2024 prepay information


Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 13,  groups can reserve the Town's athletic fields through July 31. To be eligible to reserve a field, groups need to complete the Prepay Application (available Feb. 9) and provide the Town with proof of liability insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 in coverage. For more information, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 865-218-3376.

Field rental fees

  • $50/hr - synthetic turf fields

  • $25/hr - non synthetic turf fields (Anchor Park, McFee Park, Mayor Bob Leonard Park diamond fields) 

Field closures​

To learn the status of Farragut fields, check Twitter at @toffieldupdate or @tofvolleyball. Decisions to close fields are made by 3 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. on weekends. Twitter accounts are updated when field conditions change. Weather updates for Town-sponsored volleyball leagues can be found on Twitter at @tofvolleyball.

Weekend & afterhours questions or issues

If you find that you have an issue with your rented athletic field, lighting issues or have found someone else using the field during your rental, please call our park staff on the weekend/afterhours phone lines.

  • 865-924-6833

  • 865-679-1021

Field descriptions

Spring/summer prepay application

Synthetic turf rules

Field use calendar 

Liability insurance example

Spring/Summer 2024 field & court allocation is now closed


For more information, please email the Parks & Recreation Department at or call 865-218-3376. Only clubs that serve the Farragut community will be able to participate in field/court allocation.

The Town of Farragut Parks and Athletic Council determines final allocations by considering current community needs and trends. History of compliance with Town of Farragut Parks & Recreation procedures and adhering to group responsibilities will also be considered.

Note: Private group events and other organizations who do not serve the Farragut community will not be included in allocation. 

field allocation requests

Non-profit youth/adult league directory

Safe Sport Authorization Act

Youth Sports Organizations who utilize Town of Farragut athletic facilities for games and practices must be in compliance with the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Act of 2017

Tennessee Sports Concussion Law 

Youth Sports Organizations who utilize Town of Farragut athletic facilities for games and practices must provide proof (annually) their organization is in compliance with the Tennessee Sports Concussion Law.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Law

Youth Sports Organizations using any Town of Farragut athletic fields must be in compliance with the Tennessee General Assembly Public Chapter 325 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention. This applies to public and private schools and community recreational leagues, covering all sports for children under the age of 18 that require a participation fee.

other local youth/adult leagues

youth/adult leagues
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