take the farragut parks & rec survey! 


The Farragut Parks & Recreation Department is asking the community to complete a survey that will help establish goals for a 10-year Parks & Rec Master Plan. The survey is available here.

The online survey is made up of 14 questions about what facilities and programs/initiatives the community would like to have in the future. The survey is anonymous, but there will be a drawing for two free all-day pavilion rentals for those who are comfortable adding their name and email address. Residency is not a requirement for taking the survey, which must be completed by Sept. 12.

Flyers and cards with QR codes that lead to the online survey will be distributed at parks and events, and staff will also be conducting short in-person surveys at events in the coming months. In November and early December, the community will be invited to public hearings at the Farragut Community Center to look at initiatives/programs/facilities proposed by the Parks and Athletics Council and vote for what they feel is most important. 

The process of gathering public input for a new master plan began in spring 2021 when the four Parks & Rec committees were asked for feedback on the department’s strengths/weaknesses and threats/opportunities. From this information, an Insider Survey was created and distributed to Town elected officials, staff, committee members and volunteers. The public survey was created based on the Insider survey.

A draft of the master plan will be discussed at a Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting in January and voted on in February. The Parks & Rec staff is creating the master plan in-house to save money.