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Join the Farragut Parks & Recreation Department in the first Got Peeps contest!
How to participate


  • All ages can participate.

  • Create your favorite scene using Peeps. Use your favorite books, games and movies for inspiration.

  • Submit a photo of your scene to the Farragut Parks and Recreation Department by April 11 for a chance to win a prize!


Rules and guidelines

  1. All characters in each scene must be portrayed by Peeps and each scene must include at least one Peep.

  2. Any Peeps candy can be used and can be altered.

  3. Anything goes, as long as actual Peeps are included.

  4. Must be an 18-by-18-inch scene at most, featuring Peeps in fun scenarios. (A large shoebox would work!)

  5. One entry per person.

  6. Each entry must have a title.

  7. Additional supplies can be used to create a scene.

  8. All scenes must be family-friendly.

  9. Photos of scenes cannot be edited, No collages, and only one photo may be submitted per entry.

  10. Applications and pictures must be submitted to by the deadline of April 11.

  11. Have fun and let your creativity and imagination run wild!

Tips and tricks to make your display stand out


  • Use old Peeps - new ones don't work because they don't stick together well. (Let them dry out a little bit before you use them.)

  • Cut off the bottom so the Peep stands level. You can get the best cut with a sharp knife dipped in water. Practice safety!

  • For the backdrops and the floor of the scene, use a non-wrinkling glue stick to attach backdrops and any items to the base.

  • For gluing props together, glue guns work great! Don't put hot glue on your Peeps - they will melt.

  • Take lots of photos from different angles. Don't be afraid to crop photos to make the Peeps stand out!