adopt a bench

The Adopt A Bench program gives Farragut residents an opportunity to remember or honor a loved one by having a bench installed in their name along a Farragut greenway or sidewalk, or in a Town park. Participation in this program includes the purchase and installation of the bench, as well as a memorial plaque.

Standard park bench 

Price: $500

The standard park bench is 6’ in length with 12” wide seats and features an open-mesh weave construction.

Available placement options:

• Anchor Park

• Mayor Bob Leonard Park 

• McFee Park

Town of Farragut greenway bench

Price: $1,500 

The Town of Farragut greenway bench is a black, cast-iron bench that features the Town’s icon on both sides of the bench. The bench is 6’ wide and 33” tall.

Available placement options:

• Along Town of Farragut greenways (placement options may be limited)

• Along select sidewalks throughout the Town (placement options may be limited)

 For more information, contact Lauren Cox at 865-218-3372 or

To apply online, click here.

plant a tree

The Plant A Tree program allows Farragut residents the opportunity to remember or honor a loved one by having a tree planted at a Farragut park or along a Farragut greenway. Participation in this program includes the purchase and planting of the tree, a plaque set in concrete to mark the tree, and a warranty for the tree.

Every effort will be made to place the tree along the greenway or in the park of your choice; however, certain species may be better suited for certain areas. Town staff will assess the desired species and proposed location to determine the highest likelihood of survival. Please note that the Plant A Tree program is not available for Anchor Park or Founders Park at Campbell Station. New this year - you can adopt a newly planted tree at the Ralph McGill Plaza at the Campbell Station Inn or the new phase of McFee Park. 

To apply online, click here. 

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